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Practice Safe Sharing | Program - Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Welcome To The Practice Safe Sharing Campaign

Elyse Umemoto will be your guide as you navigate through some of the internet's tricky, and sometimes dangers avenues. Take it away Elyse!

Your Online Reputation & Digital Footprint

The things we do online don't always stay online. They become public and can damage your reputation.
Follow these Tips from Elyse and you won't have any problems with your digital reputation.

Password Basics

It can be frustrating trying to remember our passwords for each site we use, but using a variation of passwords is the easiest
way to protect yourself against hackers. Let Elyse teach you some password tricks to keep you safe.


In the digital age, Cyberbullying has become a painful reality. These Bullies sit behind a keyboard and send hurtful message without considering the consequences. Thankfully, there is help and Elyse has some advice if you find yourself being targeted by a bully.

Target Ads

Throughout the internet advertisers use tracking cookies to follow us around and find out details about what we like. They use this information to serve us Target Ads. Elyse thinks this is creepy and so should you! Watch this video to learn more about how to stay safe online.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a real issue that unfortunately effect millions of people worldwide.
Elyse has a few great tips to help protect you from becoming a target.


Cyberstalking is a scary and can also be a criminal offense. Stay safe online and
let Elyse give you some advice to avoid becoming a victim of cyberstalking.

Real Life vs. Online

In this episode you will learn how people tend to treat their life online much differently. They post, share, tweet and even Instagram things that they wouldn't normally share with their friends and family in real life. Elyse has a few great tips to help keep your digital life on track.

Back Up Your Files!

There is nothing worse than losing a file that you have been working on. Backing up your data is the best way to be sure that all those hard hours of work don't go to waste. Elyse has a few suggestions about how you can safely back up all your important files.

Should I Open That Link?

Elyse teaches us about the dangers lurking behind malicious links. Hackers and phishers want to steal your information and
they use links and misleading information to do it. Listen to her tips to keep your private information safe.

Mobile Phone Apps & Your Privacy

In this episode of Practice Safe Sharing, we go over the best ways to stay safe while using your mobile devices.
Smartphones are much more vulnerable to security issues than a desktop, so learn how to protect yourself!